Be Careful for Nothing

Thursday Showers on 21-09-2017

Living Decisively – Unstoppable

Sunday Service on 17-09-2017


Thursday Showers on 14-09-2017

Secret of Victory – Speaking Through

Sunday Service on 10-09-2017

Speak Your Way Up

Thursday Showers on 07-09-2017

Supernatural Lifting

Anointing Service on 06-09-2017

Open Door – Revelation

Sunday Service on 03-09-2017

The Kingdom Within (Part 2)

Sunday Service on 06-08-2017

The Kingdom Within

Thursday Showers on 03-08-2017

Kingdom Manifestation

Anointing Service on 02-08-2017

The Kingdom of God

Sunday Service on 09-07-2017

The Righteousness

Thursday Showers on 06-07-2017

Beyond Hopelessness

Anointing Service on 03-07-2017

Nothing Is Impossible

Sunday Service on 02-07-2017

The Spirit of Faith

Thursday Showers on 29-06-2017

God’s Pattern of Fatherhood

Sunday Service on 25-06-2017

We Walk by Faith

Thursday Showers on 22-06-2017

Open Doors (If You Say!)

Sunday Service on 18-06-2017

If You Say!

Thursday Showers on 15-06-2017

Supernatural Intervention

Anointing Service on 06-06-2017